Peloton Shoes Sizing Tool

Use this tool to calculate the correct Peloton shoes sizing. If you wear a half size that isn't available as an option then we recommend you select the next size up. Once you've figured out your size you can order Peloton shoes at their site. They cost $125 per pair.

Or Use Our Size Chart

Feel free to download our printable Peloton Shoes Sizing Chart pdf.

Cycling Shoe Alternatives

Buy Used

If you are willing to buy used shoes, there are a lot of people selling them at around half the price of Peloton's list price. My wife bought her used Peloton shoes on Ebay for $65 and they appeared to have been barely used. They really were in brand new condition. As with any home exercise equipment, there are a lot of people with good intentions who don't end up using it like they thought they would. They end up with expensive products and end up selling them.

Buy A Different Brand

Peloton brand shoes aren't your only choice. Any cycling shoe that features the Look Delta cleat system is compatible with your Peloton Bike.