Peloton offers so much great content, and their bikes have those beautiful big screens. The new Peloton Bike+ comes with a swivel feature on the monitor that rotates the screen in any direction. As a result you can workout to the side or in front of the bike. But the original Peloton Bike models do not have this capability. So let's add it.

The Pivot for Peloton Screen Swivel Buy on Amazon

The Pivot is a great product that can be installed by any Peloton Bike owner who's comfortable using a screwdriver. It allows you to rotate your screen 360 degrees for any viewing angle. This really enhances your workouts, and eliminates the need to use another screen to perform Peleton's non-cycling workouts. The Pivot also lets you tilt the screen up and down, which is great if you're working out on the floor.

Peloton's Functional Workouts include weightlifting, stretching and yoga. They're great compliments to the cycling routines. But being unable to swivel the Peloton Bike screen makes it difficult to be beside the bike while maintaining a good comfortable view of the video content. That's what makes The Pivot possibly the ultimate Peloton hack. It extends the bike's functionality for such a broad set of other exercise.

Adding a swivel to your Peloton has the added benefit of letting you watch Netflix or other streaming services from any angle around the bike.

Easy Installation

The Pivot for Peloton is quick and easy to install with no modifications to your bike. The compatible Peloton screen swivel comes with an instruction guide and all mounting hardware needed for installation. It took me only about 20 minutes start to finish to install.


In my opinion, this is a must have accessory for Peloton owners. It's the ultimate Peloton screen swivel hack. It turns the bike into your primary exercise screen for lots of non-cycling content. And it's such an affordable add-on to such an expensive exercise bike. It makes the upgrade a no-brainer.

TFD The Pivot for Peloton Bikes (Original Models), Made in USA | 360° Movement Monitor Adjuster - Easily Adjust & Rotate Your Peloton Screen | Peloton Accessories
  • Introducing the Compatible Peloton Pivot Screen Swivel: The must-have Peloton accessory for enhancing your workout experience! Our TFD Pivot for Peloton bike screen is the perfect Peloton screen swivel mount, allowing you to rotate your monitor 360 degrees for any viewing angle. Compatible with Peloton Bikes (Original) and Generation 3 or older models, our Peloton swivel arm for screen is designed and built in the USA to help you achieve your fitness goals!
  • Game Changing Results: Our hard anodized coating design sets us apart from other Peloton accessories on the market. The original creators of the Pivot bring you a Peloton swivel screen attachment that's built to last. Our TFD Pivot for Peloton bike screen uses a proprietary lock nut to ensure the Peloton screen swivel mount won't loosen over time, giving you a sturdy foundation for all your workouts.
  • Hassle Free Setup: Installation is quick and easy with our instruction guide and all necessary mounting hardware included. Our Pivot for Peloton bike screen requires no modifications, so you can spend less time installing and more time working out!
  • Designed by Riders!: Our New Sleek Peloton Pivot blends in naturally with your Peloton and is perfect for functional workouts, allowing you to easily transition from your bike to the floor without missing a beat. Whether you're doing crunches or squats, our Pivot for Peloton bike screen ensures you always have a clear view of your instructor on the TV
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