Peloton generally has excellent customer service, but sometimes not everything goes to plan. I had scheduled my Bike delivery, confirmed details with the shipping company, and arranged to be at home. And then on the morning of delivery I received a call to let me know that there had been a delay and that my Bike wouldn't arrive until the next week. However, I didn't realize yet that I was eligible for a Peloton discount.

Aside from the disappointment of not getting my Bike after a week of anticipation, I was annoyed at the inconvenience of planning my day around the delivery only to have it postponed at the last minute. Even though the shipping company had already scheduled a new delivery date, I decided to contact Peloton's online customer service to voice my displeasure. I'm glad I did.

Contacting Peloton Customer Service

The Peloton representative was very apologetic and acknowledged the inconvenience that the delivery postponement had caused. As a result, he informed me that I would be receiving a credit for the amount of the delivery costs. How much? A cool $210.60, applied directly to my affirm loan. Afterwards, I received an email confirming the Peloton discount.

Peloton Discount Confirmation Email
Peloton shipping credit

Let's break this down to see the bottom line.

Peloton Discount – The Numbers

Peloton Bike Order Details
Original Peloton order confirmation

Original Peloton Bike purchase price: $1,495
Peloton Cycling Shoes: $125 – $100 referral promo = $25
Tax: $80.57
Total price at checkout: $1,600.57

Customer service shipping credit: $210.60
Total Final Price: $1,389.97

In conclusion, I'm thrilled to have a delivered Peloton Bike and new cycling shoes for under $1,400. A little over a year ago the Bike alone was almost $2,300 plus tax. Everyone wants their bike delivered on-time without any complications. But if Peloton or their shipping partners let you down with a last minute delivery change, be sure to let them know you aren't satisfied.

Good luck!